Encountering pain, feeling stuck, and approaching transition is vulnerable and often difficult to navigate. At Experience Change Counselling you will be able to approach your circumstances at your own pace, while effectively establishing and moving toward personal goals.

 Couples Counselling

Couples counselling provides an opportunity to address current and past experiences in a safe and supportive environment. By focusing on relational issues and their impacts, couples are able to achieve personal clarity which empowers each person to identify and share intimacy needs and desires more effectively. With guidance, couples gain insight and a deeper connection with themselves and their partner, often leading to a more fulfilling relationship.

Youth Counselling

Alisha works with youth who are dealing with a variety of difficulties including anxiety, depression, aggression, suicide, separation and divorce, drugs, sexting and social media, school difficulty, and loss. Parent-child relationships are at the heart of personal health and growth. For this reason, working with youth may also include strengthening relationships with parents in order to better maintain long-term change.

Individual Counselling

Therapy can be beneficial for anyone wanting to experience change. In individual counselling, you can take the opportunity to address future goals of growth while resolving personal challenges which may include depression, anxiety, major life events, loneliness, or loss. By exploring life’s impacts, individuals are able to refocus internal experiences leading to external change.

Family Counselling

Whether you are a young family experiencing a challenging circumstance, a family of adults wanting deeper connection with siblings or parents, or a blended family navigating separation, divorce or re-marriage, a Family Therapist might be just what you need to strengthen relationship bonds, change familiar patterns, and repair old wounds.