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Are you struggling?

  • Feeling betrayed or disappointed?
  • Are you sad or have low energy?
  • Feeling anxious or overwhelmed?
  • Is your teen secretive, angry or violent?
  • Processing grief or loss?
  • Separated, divorced or remarried?
  • Can't shake a memory?
  • Experienced pregnancy loss?

Counselling Services

Family Counselling

Strengthen relationship bonds
Change familiar patterns
Repair old wounds

Individual Counselling

Heal from traumatic events
Break bad habits
Explore new possibilities

Couples Counselling

Invest in yourself and your relationship
Heal from hurts
Build a solid foundation

Have you been involved in a car accident? 

Did you know that within the first 12 weeks of being in a motor vehicle accident you are eligible for free, weekly counselling sessions through ICBC – without approval from your adjustor? After 12 weeks you can still be eligible too. It is now recognized that counselling can help with issues  and symptoms that may arise after an accident such as: 

 Anxiety… Depression … PTSD Symptoms… Physical Pain… Relationship Strain… Death or Loss… Difficulty Returning to Work… Lack of Joy and Desire…

Through specialized therapy techniques Experience Change counsellors are able to address these issues and guide your road to recovery. Contact us to see if we can directly bill ICBC for your recovery sessions today. 

COVID 19 Update

We are currently booking in-person and online sessions. 

Our team is taking extra measures to keep everyone safe as we open our doors to in-person sessions. We are continuing to provide online video sessions using our secure platform which and meets all Canadian privacy requirements . We are also providing reduced rates to those who are being financially impacted by COVID 19. Contact us for more details and to set an appointment.

Our Team

If you are logging on for your TELEHEALTH SESSION please follow these simple steps:
  1. Please ensure you are using  Chrome internet browser
  2. Go to your email account and open the ‘Appointment Reminder’ email for your session.
  3. Select thebig blue button that reads “Begin Your Online Appointment”
  4. Login to your account (you already have an account, no need to create another)
  5. Review the online consent form and select the big blue button that reads “I Consent, Begin Online Appointment”
  6. You are there! Ensure your sound (microphone image) and video (camera image) are on and your counsellor will join at your scheduled appointment time.

See you soon!


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