Kids & Technology

Navigating Difficult Conversations with your Kids

After conducting several workshops to parents, counsellors and caregivers on topics like Teen Sexting, Navigating Social Media, Pornography, Anxiety, Attention Disorders and the impacts of ongoing technology I have often been left with the question: Howdo I talk to my kid about these subjects?

As a family therapist I have had many, manyconversations with children as young as five, teens, parents and counsellors surrounding these issues. If you have attended any of my workshops you will know that the key to reaching kids lies in the ongoing conversation parents initiate with their children. We can talk about the scary impacts, the what if’s and the fears of it all, but when all is said and done the relationship between parent and child (foster parent, grandparent, primary care giver included!) is what provides the resiliency children need to navigate this increasingly complex world.

For this reason, I will be writing a series of short articles to help caregivers navigate these sensitive subjects with the hope of encouraging parents to try new and important conversations with their children. The hope is not to mimic the phrases word-for-word but to try out a few new (and often scary) topics with your kids.

As always, my articles will include research, parent and child feedback, training as a therapist and personal and professional experiences. Topics to look forward to will include: 5 Helpful Hints on How to Start the Conversation, Pornography, Teen Sexting, Cyber Bullying, andInternet Safety.

I look forward to starting this conversation with you!



alisha stobbe, MAMFT, RCC