Alisha is passionate about supporting healthy relationships in times of stress. For this reason Alisha facilitates workshops for professionals in the helping profession (Therapists, Social Workers, RCMP, Churches etc), parents and teenagers.

Preventing and Healing from Compassion Fatigue
Feeling irritable, angry, or depressed? Do you work with a vulnerable population group? Do you have a big heart but sometimes find yourself needing to shut down, have that extra slice of pizza, or yell at someone you love? If so, you may be experiencing what experts call Compassion Fatigue (CF). Compassion fatigue refers to the profound emotional and physical erosion that takes place when helpers are unable to refuel and regenerate (university of Bristol). Those who have jobs that require high levels of empathy are more susceptible to this type of burn out. In this workshop we will address compassion fatigue, what it looks like in your life, how to prevent it and steps to recover.

Parenting in a Media Saturated World 
▪ Overview of technology and teen engagement: social media, pornography, texting/sexting, gaming
▪ Impacts of screen- time on children’s developing brain
▪ Internet safety tips
▪ How to support and guide your child

Teen Sexting
▪ Overview of recent statistics
▪ Personal, legal, social and future impacts
▪ When and how to report in British Columbia
▪ Tips for parents

Parenting Kids with Anxiety
▪ Being curious: why is my child so anxious?
▪ How to help your child cope with anxiety
▪ Practical tips and techniques to ground your child

How to Have Difficult Conversations with your Kids
▪ Looking at yourself as the key to influencing your child
▪ Research based tips and tricks on how to engage your child or youth
Live demonstrations and practical conversation suggestions on topics that include: sexting, pornography (5-11 & 12-17), blackmail, cyberbullying, monitoring devices

Each presentation can be customized to your intended audience and range from a 2 hour to a half day presentation. Contact Alisha for available dates and rates.